About Us

NEST is focused on improving individuals as well as organizations' complex negotiations process with a unique mindset approach.

Based in Tel-Aviv ,NEST is a global group which provides international representation, consultation, and training services in complex negotiation and crisis management for the private and public sectors, worldwide. 

Established in 2006 by Moty Cristal, a Harvard graduate (1998) and a world renouned negotiation expert  with 20 years of experience. Following an illustrious career as one of Israel's leading negotiation experts NEST brings a unique systemic approach to the world of negotiation in order to help high executive business, and public figures, as well as organizations and companies to “think negotiation”.

"Negotiation Thinking" is the capability to understand and design effective negotiation processes in a complex business, public or political environment by constant evaluation throu all the negotiation process.  

In a complex and dynamic reality, NEST does not operate off of a preset manual, but instead uses a unique toolbox and strategies that fit each situation in order to get better results in more effective process.

NEST has developed its unique NEGOSYSTEM™ model which trains senior executives and officials to use system-thinking and a comprehensive set of operational, psychological, and cross-cultural tools during their complex negotiations. 

NEST provides its services through the Negosystem™ model, negotiation systemic model and its Negotiating @ 5 Levels (Nego@5L) a revolutionary methodology incorporates cutting-edge frameworks and best-practices in the fields of negotiation and conflict studies, group dynamics, complexity management and social psychology. 

NEST operates globally through its team of experts in negotiation, conflict management, operational psychology, mediation, media, intelligence gathering and crisis management.

NEST team committed to integrity, discretion and professional conduct as a part of our value system and commitment to our clients. 


“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate" J. F. Kennedy (January 1961)