Moty Cristal

Moty Cristal, LLB, MPA
Moty Cristal, LLB, MPA

 Professional Negotiator, with unique focus on complex negotiations

From 1994 to 2001, Mr. Cristal served in various official capacities in Israeli negotiation teams with Jordan and the Palestinians, and experienced years of intense negotiations. 

Since 2001, Mr. Cristal advises, consults and trains business people, entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior government officials in Europe, Russia, US and Asia in analyzing, planning and designing complex negotiation processes. He has been working intensively in the energy, construction, financial, technological, pharmaceutical, industrial, transportation and aeronautical sectors, varying from deal-making negotiations, including start-ups investment and marketing processes, cross-cultural business disputes, union-management conflicts, post-merger integration, to business and national crisis management.

Mr. Cristal is a Lt. Colonel (R.) in the IDF, with extensive operational experience in crisis negotiation, and lectures worldwide on crisis negotiation and complex crisis management. 

He is a faculty member at SKOLKOVO, Moscow's leading Business School, as well as a lecturer at the Executive MBA at Recanati, Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, and a visiting scholar in leading international negotiation institutions including the Program on International Negotiation (PIN) at IIASA, Austria, (2001-2008), Program On Negotiation at Harvard Law School (2007) and the IDSS in Singapore, (2004).

Mr. Cristal commentates regularly on the Israeli and international media, international conferences and academic publications negotiation processes and crisis interventions.

Graduated Bar-Ilan Law School in Israel (1994), and Harvard Kennedy School of Government (1998), Mr. Cristal is also a doctoral researcher at the London School of Economics.